Commission a Song

If you, your child, spouse, parent, friend, or boss has a special day coming up, and you still don’t know what gift to get them, give the gift of song. Louis and Dan are happy to write and record an original song, customized to the personality and preferences of the dedicatee. Just fill out the form below and we’ll email you to work out the details. Then wait approximately four weeks and enjoy your unique, heartfelt, personalized, one-to-three-minute-long musical treat. Some terms and conditions apply.*

In the “Message” field below, please include the following:

  • Let us know who the song is for.
  • Describe the occasion.
  • Provide any information about the recipient that will help us personalize the song (their favorite musical genres and styles, things they like and dislike, jobs and hobbies, important people in their life, etc.).

*We reserve the right to perform and commercially release any song we are commissioned to write. Dedicatees are free to share their version of the song as they like, but the copyright remains ours. It feels weird to even have to say all of this, but copyright laws – and our society’s property-based definitions of cultural production – are weird, too.